Senior Moment

If this were an ad in the personals it would read;

Help Wanted – mother of senior in high school, soon to graduate, looking for more time.

On both ends too. There's not enough, and, where did it all go, "TIME" that is.

Senior Moment No. 1 –  Graduation Day. I've spent the last 2/3 weeks rushing to prepare for the day we have waited 18 years for. Okay last minute (I brought this on myself), but no big deal right? This stuff is easy, taking senior portraits with the makeover,  printing and mailing announcements/ invitations, ordering the lei (I need 6, don't forget), Shoping for the dress and shoes she has to wear at her commencement, this multi tasking stuff is easy.

Hell no! I don't want to be a multi tasker. I'm tired, I want to go home, read a book and fall asleep. I don't want to earn the highly regarded label of multi-tasking working mom of an 18 and 4 year old. I' tired and not to proud to admit it.

What's the graduate been doing all this time? Shouldn't she being doing all this work, too? Yeah, but she's got school, commentcement rehearsal and work to go to every day. So yeah…she's like…super busy.

Senior Moment No. 2 – The other day while shopping for the white shoes, to go with the white dress that is the required dress code for the graduation commencement, a store clerk (in a very trendy shoe store) showed us a pair that she thought would work. My reaction was (to my daughter) "no, they're a little square, don't you think?" She knew what I meant, the clerk on the other hand says ,"sorry, I don't even know what square means". What?! I thought, Your Kiding me right? Square! Like in "Not Cool"! And no not the shape you silly little girl. Isn't there some marketing rule that says "all retail store clerks should know the deffinition of the vernacular of thier target market consumer"?, Women 35+. Good grief!

 Senior Moment No. 3 – During lunch with my girlfriend yesterday, I told her about all this graduation preparation stuff and she said…"I can't believe this is happening, your baby is graduating…you are now officially old." What!? No ways! – Okay I let that idea stew for about a day now and okay, yeah, I'm officialy something. Not old. There's got to be another term for "the mother of an 18 year old, just graduated from high-school". That label, like the multi-tasker one, but better. I some how feel like I've offcially entered into adulthood. I'm all grown up.

 And my baby is too, so, so what if I'm freeking out about all this preparation stuff. This is what I do, this is what we (Moms) do, this is what we've waited 18 years for. Nothing makes me happier.

You know that song from RENT, the one that goes "525,600 minutes….How do you measure a year?"

Whatever, the length of the journey was worth every "Moment".

Okay – I admit, I'd do it all again. Wait a minute, what am I talking about? I am going to do it all again! In 14 more years.

Holy GAP!

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June 1, 2006 at 1:18 am 2 comments